Ahmad Naqiuddin on Hope

Ahmad Naqiuddin, Student

1. What is hope to you?
Hope is the notion that things will work out the way you want it to. That’s not always the case but it propels you and pushes you forward.
I also identify it as what makes us human.
2.  What do you hope for?
I hope that I could make peace with myself and my beliefs.
3. How can you make that Hope come true?
I have to keep moving towards what I want whilst ensuring I’m a better person every day.

Citra on Hope

Citra, 25, Telephone Operator

What is hope to you?

Hope is an expectation and a desire for a thing.

What do you hope for?

I hope that in the future I will have a better life and live a joyful, happy life.

What will you do to make the hope come true?

I will be hardworking

Joshua Ding on Hope

Joshua Ding, Advocate

1. What is hope to you?

Hope is a future that is better.
2. What do you hope for?

I hope for more equitable meeting of basic needs–food, water, education–and life, in general.

3. What will you do to make your hope a reality?

Share the Hope. Make impact in my personal spheres of influence. Intervention, Investment & Involvement

Change begins with hope

Change begins with hope.

Yesterday at the launch we had Nicky Woo singing ‘Change Gonna Come’, originally by Sam Cooke. Cooke was inspired by the civil rights movement of his time led by Dr Martin Luther King. It’s a great song.

I believe that change happens when we have a desire, a hope for something– something better. That, and the will and the fortitude to do it. Yesterday’s rendition of the song was accompanied by pictures of people with hope, people who have a desire to make their hope come true. People like you and me.

General themes of answers we got of how hope can be realized include “Acceptance” “Being there” “Working hard” “Love” “Pray” “One thing at a time” “Be Passionate” “No Fear!” “Start with me.”  — things that you and I can readily do. Not exactly cosmic science.

Do Hope. We love that term, especially because of its duality — both as an invitation and as a verb. In order to realize hope, there has to be some form of ‘do’.

The Hope Project has been launched. There’s a great looking concept book, t-shirt and videos. People came and felt warm and fuzzy and maybe a little bit more hopeful. But as many of the people we spoke to agree : Hope doesn’t mean much without action.

This is just the start. The launch is just the start of a much bigger movement — and as much as we can hope, we can also do. Do what you can to realize your hope.

And I believe that as we collectively walk towards our desires and our hopes, then really — Change gonna come.

Hope has two sisters: anger and courage. Anger at the things that hurt you, and the courage to change them.” – St Augustine.

m, hopetimist –

Effa on Hope

Effa Desa, Watcher
 1. What is hope to you?
Hope is a speck of brightness in a black hole.
Hope is a young flower bud growing from a monotonous expanse of concrete.
Hope is having the courage to believe in something good that will happen when you are surrounded with a sea of impossibilities.
Hope is when you have 42 degree fever and still get on that plane to enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

2. What do you hope for?
I hope that we learn to appreciate, celebrate and embrace our diversity because we’re not so different from each other.  I hope people are nicer to each other regardless of their age, race, wealth, status. I hope that we focus on similar universal beliefs: kindness and compassion… so that the world is a better place to live in.


3. What will you do to make your hope a reality?

I will treat people the way I wanna be treated, that is with respect, kindness, and consideration. Set an example in my own small way by putting into action my personal beliefs.

Gavin on Hope

Gavin, 22, Student


What is hope to you?

Hope is something to hold on to when the troubles of the world pulls you in.


What do you hope for?

I hope to love someone unconditionally and at the same time to get that kind of love back too. I am aware of the irony.


What can you do to make that hope come true?

Pray hard.

Farrell on Hope

Farrell Hamann, 61, Artist, California


What is hope to you?

Hope is a crazy fantasy, it’s something that makes you chase your dreams.


What do you hope for?

I want to sell my million dollar art collection!!!


What can you do to make that hope come true?

I’ll keep asking people on Twitter, and people like you! Any takers?