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Chik Ying on Hope

Chai Chik Ying, 31

What is hope to you?

Hope is a belief in love.

What do you hope for?

I hope everybody will love more.

What can you do to make that hope come true?

I will love everybody more.

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by Lina Halim

I sent my car for its first servicing earlier today. It wasn’t made clear to me that it wasn’t 100% free — just free of labor charges. I still have to pay for the oil and stuff. Amounted to RM110.

I didn’t have cash, my paycheck hasn’t been cleared and even if it was there was no ATM machine within walking distance and I don’t have credit card. I called my Dad but he was in Rawang and will only be back in the evening. He told me to ask whether he can come by and pay later.

I went to the service advisor who attended to me and explained to her my situation — from not having enough cash on me to my Dad in Rawang. She said it was against company policy to let the car go unpaid. I couldn’t figure out what to do.
Then she said:  “Okay, how about this? I’ll pay for your car first, your dad can come and pay me back later when he comes.

After my car was done, she passed me her debit card and pin number and told me to pay at the counter. A stranger, a woman I just knew today, offered to fork out RM110 from her own savings to pay for MY car.
Her kindness rendered me speechless and I wanted to hug her badly and thanking her for it. It makes me believe that genuinely nice people still exist in this world. Especially after what happened to my car. Khailee said I have a guardian angel following me around.
That’s my story 🙂

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by Sam Hepburn

“When I was four years old, I believed in Santa Claus, and wrote to him every Christmastime. I’d spend at least a week planning those letters. I had to make sure I impressed him. That meant no spelling mistakes. And more than that, I had to make sure that I covered every possible naughty act I could have committed over the year. Sorry for spilling my little sister’s juice accidentally on purpose. Sorry for making a mess and then blaming it on the dog. Sorry for sticking out my tongue at old ladies on the bus. I had to make amends with old Saint Nick. After all, there were presents at stake.

When I was fifteen, and no longer believed in the childish fantasy of Santa Claus, I started looking forward to the horoscopes in Teen Vogue magazine. I would warn my friends not to give in to a persuasive stranger on Monday 13th October, and remind myself to look out for a new business opportunity coming my way. My lucky colour was green, so even though it made me look like a toad, I wore green. My lucky number was 46. It made me feel better about 46 also being the number I couldn’t get past on my math tests.

When I was seventeen, I failed the biggest test of my life.

My ‘O’ Levels.

Or maybe I didn’t fail. You see, the ‘O’ Level debacle set off a chain of events that led to my eventually becoming what they call a ‘grown-up’.

Firstly, dear old mom kicked me out of the house, so I had to go stay with my uncle and his family. They lived away in nowhere land, so I had to learn to do all sorts of things by myself. Get a car, get a license to drive the car, get a job to pay for the car so I could actually drive the car…

In other words, I had to learn the true order of things. That’s right, letters to St. Nick and glossy horoscope spreads couldn’t help me now. Life on my own meant there were more magic shortcuts.

And you know what? Funnily enough, I’ve grown to like it. This independence thing, this charter-my-own-destiny gig. Because all my life, I believed in other entities. Now that I’m twenty-three, I believe in myself.”

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by Alpha Lim

What does hope mean to me? Hope is unbounded space. Hope is unmeasured time. Hope is the original human frame of mind. Hope is the God-given, human-preserved right to imagine a future of my own design, and to do everything in my power to realise that imagination.

Hope is scary. An unbounded imagination can lead to drastic conclusions. It can lead to a bigger outcome than I’d ever dared dream. And that means doing things I’ve never done. It means becoming someone I’ve never been before. Hope means a lot of unknown things, and that is scary.

Yet, the opposite of hope is even scarier. To deny hope is to deny growth. To deny growth is not just to maintain the status quo. To deny growth is to embrace decay. The opposite of hope means that I’m content to sit in my box without windows, without light. To sit in the dark with my fellow blind men till we hunger and thirst and devour each other. A nation without hope is a nation on the path of self-destruction.

Can we afford to dream big dreams? To imagine a nation that our forebears prophesied, but some now claim is impossible? Can we afford hope? We can’t afford not to.

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And now, I can smile

By Lina Halim, Community Assistant, Youth Asia

I was that kid you knew in high school

The one who doesn’t speak, the one who doesn’t smile

The same one who wears black—on her clothes and in her heart

I never understood the foreign concept of hope

Life is bleak, nothing good comes out of it

I used to speak of death and dying—cut my wrist open, free-falling while seeing red

But hope came in the form of two very amazing human beings

They fed me when I was hungry, they entertained me when I was bored

They consoled me when I cried, they were my life source when I felt like I was dying

They loved me when no one did, they gave me hope when everything else failed

They never gave up on me when I gave up on myself

They’ve shown me love, they’ve shown me hope

They are my souls

And now, I can smile

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Bernard H, Malaysian in the Netherlands


Hope is being patient and kind.

Patience means to keep believing that things hoped for will come to pass, although nothing changes now.

Kindness can mean not being revengeful towards one who has wronged you. How about someone who keeps taking from you? You can still be kind, by understanding their ‘lack’, by not forsaking but forgiving them.

Faith, hope and love are intertwined. When I love someone who has wronged me, I hope that the person will be touched by God. This gives me the courage to be patient and kind, hoping that their lives may be changed.

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Irma, 24, Pillow Hugger

Pag-asa… Ano nga ba ang pag-asa?

Pag-asa ay ang makahanap ng kandila sa tuwing mapuputulan ng kuryente..

Pag-asa ay magkaroon ng lapis sa tuwing mawalan ng tinta ang bolpen mo..

Pag-asa ay ang makakita ng bulaklak na tumutubo sa halaman na akala mong walang nang kabuhay-buhay..

Ang pag-asa ay ang isang sanggol na malusog na pumasok sa ating mundo,

Ang pag-asa ay ang pagmamahal ng isang ina sa walang tigil sa pagtitiyaga sa pagpapalaki sa atin,

Ang pag-asa ay isa pang araw na dumilat ka at gumising sa isang panibagong araw,

Ang pag-asa ay tilang ilaw galling sa kalangitan,

Ang pag-asa ay ang pakinggan ang bawa’t dasal, ang bawa’t hiling..

Ang-pag-asa ay tayo, ikaw at ako.

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