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Change begins with hope.

Yesterday at the launch we had Nicky Woo singing ‘Change Gonna Come’, originally by Sam Cooke. Cooke was inspired by the civil rights movement of his time led by Dr Martin Luther King. It’s a great song.

I believe that change happens when we have a desire, a hope for something– something better. That, and the will and the fortitude to do it. Yesterday’s rendition of the song was accompanied by pictures of people with hope, people who have a desire to make their hope come true. People like you and me.

General themes of answers we got of how hope can be realized include “Acceptance” “Being there” “Working hard” “Love” “Pray” “One thing at a time” “Be Passionate” “No Fear!” “Start with me.”  — things that you and I can readily do. Not exactly cosmic science.

Do Hope. We love that term, especially because of its duality — both as an invitation and as a verb. In order to realize hope, there has to be some form of ‘do’.

The Hope Project has been launched. There’s a great looking concept book, t-shirt and videos. People came and felt warm and fuzzy and maybe a little bit more hopeful. But as many of the people we spoke to agree : Hope doesn’t mean much without action.

This is just the start. The launch is just the start of a much bigger movement — and as much as we can hope, we can also do. Do what you can to realize your hope.

And I believe that as we collectively walk towards our desires and our hopes, then really — Change gonna come.

Hope has two sisters: anger and courage. Anger at the things that hurt you, and the courage to change them.” – St Augustine.

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With the mission of collecting the collective Malaysian voice on the topic of Hope, we’ve been going around asking our friends/colleagues/family/strangers these 3 questions :

1) What is hope to you?
2) What do you hope for?
3) How can you make your hope come true?

We’ve selected some choice answers to compiled into a book, some are on video -and some others are here on this site.
This Thursday we ‘release’ the book, and the limited edition t-shirt that comes along with it.

Come join us for the launch party.

Thursday, December 17th, 830pm

Luther Centre, 4, Jalan Utara, PJ. (opposite Asia Jaya LRT, beside Tun Husein Eye Hospital)

Click to view map.

There’ll be stories, videos, live readings – and light refreshments. Hopefully lotsa hope.

Let’s celebrate Hope this season.
See you then!

This Christmas, Do Hope.

Join us to celebrate Hope!

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