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希望对我来说像是一个未必遥不可及,可却有一线机会实现的梦想 =)



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John Henry Tamayo, 19, Philippines

What is hope to you?

For me hope means having a positive mindset that enables a person to do anything that he can to achieve his goals.

What do you hope for?

As a person I want to be the best person that I can be. As a student I hope to be a lawyer some day As a youth, I want to promote youth empowerment among nations and encourage more youth to participate in more youthful activities.
What can you do to make that hope come true?

As a student – i will study THAT hard. (get high grades, graduating on time) As a youth, I will work at becoming a better citizen of the country and of course of the world.
Every youth has to  realize that if they don’t have hope, it’s going to be hard for them to achieve anything. When we don’t have hope we neglect the fact that we can do something, that we don’t have to give up. That we can make a change in society.

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Chow Ying

1. 希望对你来说是什么意思?


2. 你的希望是什么?



身为女儿,我希望父母身体健康,但更希望自己身体健康,不要有“坏事”发 生,不要欠人钱财,无风无险,好让爸爸妈妈心安。未能给他们大洋房大车子。我希望我的这个希望能实现。我同时也是姐姐的妹妹,两个弟弟的姐姐,我希望他们 都好好的生活,我希望我能力范围内能给的我都会给,我希望两个可爱的侄女快高长大。这样的希望太平庸吧。平庸但真心,无论是面对耶稣,观音娘娘,还是我婆 婆的墓,我都会如此祷告,如此希望。



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Daniel Ng on Hope

Daniel Ng, Kluang

What is hope to you?

Hope is found in something furry, friendly, soft and familiar.

What do you hope for?

To always have enough sugar for tea and teddy; to have company for tea.

What can you do to make that hope come true?

Always make a shopping list. Bring an umbrella. It might rain.

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Tor on Hope

Tor. 9

What is hope to you?

Well, it’s looking ahead into the future and wanting that to come true.

What do you hope for?

I hope to become a good godly man.

What will you do to make your hope come true?

Well I can read the Bible everyday and pray and obey.

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Ahmad Naqiuddin on Hope

Ahmad Naqiuddin, Student

1. What is hope to you?
Hope is the notion that things will work out the way you want it to. That’s not always the case but it propels you and pushes you forward.
I also identify it as what makes us human.
2.  What do you hope for?
I hope that I could make peace with myself and my beliefs.
3. How can you make that Hope come true?
I have to keep moving towards what I want whilst ensuring I’m a better person every day.

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Effa on Hope

Effa Desa, Watcher
 1. What is hope to you?
Hope is a speck of brightness in a black hole.
Hope is a young flower bud growing from a monotonous expanse of concrete.
Hope is having the courage to believe in something good that will happen when you are surrounded with a sea of impossibilities.
Hope is when you have 42 degree fever and still get on that plane to enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

2. What do you hope for?
I hope that we learn to appreciate, celebrate and embrace our diversity because we’re not so different from each other.  I hope people are nicer to each other regardless of their age, race, wealth, status. I hope that we focus on similar universal beliefs: kindness and compassion… so that the world is a better place to live in.


3. What will you do to make your hope a reality?

I will treat people the way I wanna be treated, that is with respect, kindness, and consideration. Set an example in my own small way by putting into action my personal beliefs.

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